The (not-so) Secret Ingredient That Adds BIG Flavor to Everyday Dishes

Posted Aug 6th, 2018

Earlier this year, we introduced our new Almond Delight & Almond Crunch mixes. Each bag is full of almonds, dried fruits, plus sweet and crunchy flavor! Although our almond mixes are great on their own as a snack, they’re also delicious added to other foods to kick up the taste. From breakfast to lunch to dinner (and event desserts), here are five ways our new almond mixes can make ordinary meals extraordinary:


Salad Toppings

We recommend the Glazed Cranberry Orange Almond Delight mix sprinkled on top of a bed of leafy greens, your favorite protein and blue cheese crumbles. It’s a divine combination!



Give your morning oatmeal a sweet crunch. Any of our almond mix flavors are perfect for this breakfast idea.



Our almond mixes paired with yogurt takes parfaits to the next level! We recommend the Glazed Cherry Vanilla Almond Crunch with black cherry or vanilla yogurt.


Cake Decoration

Whether you’re making a frosted stacked cake or glazed bundt cake, almond mixes add a little something extra to desserts. Use them to pump up the aesthetic design and flavor of cakes. We recommend adding the Glazed Blueberry Lemon mix to a frosted lemon cake or the Glazed Cranberry Orange mix to an orange-flavored bundt cake.



Add extra crunch to cookies and cookie bars by adding 2 cups of your favorite almond mixes into this cookie dough recipe: ½ cup coconut oil (softened), ½ cup sugar, 1 tbsp vanilla, 1 egg, 1 ¾ cup baking mix. Then, bake at 350 degrees F for about 8-10 minutes, or until cookies are set.


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