What to pair – unique cheese & cracker combinations

Posted Jul 10th, 2015

Whether you’re just snacking by yourself with a glass of wine or looking to entertain a crowd, here is a chance mix up your cheese and cracker combos. There’s nothing wrong with an original cracker topped with cheese, but it’s always nice to switch up your palate.

Time to test. For our control, we picked our White Extra Sharp Cheddar Cheese. First, we paired it with Superior Selections Wheat Crackers and pear slices. This was a delicious combination full of flavor and nutrition.

Cheese, Pear, Crackers SS 1 Cheese, Pear, Crackers SS 2

Here are more combinations to try with Superior Selections White Extra Sharp Cheddar:

Wheat crackers, apple slices, drizzled honey
Water crackers, Dried Apricots

Wheat crackers, sliced zucchini
Wheat crackers, sundried tomato, pesto (optional)

Wheat crackers, smoked sausage
Water crackers, turkey
Water crackers, salmon, dill

Water cracker, any flavored fruit preserves

What unique cheese and cracker combinations do you enjoy? Feel free to share them with us at superiorselections@awginc.com.

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