Superior Selections® offers its customers many options. See the full list of Superior Selections® items below.


100% Maple Organic Syrup8 OZ7003862759
Almond Crunch Glazed Blueberry Lemon8 OZ7003864977
Almond Crunch Glazed Cherry Vanilla8 OZ7003864975
Almond Crunch Glazed Cranberry Orange8 OZ7003864976
Balsamic Vinegar16.9 OZ7003862776
Balsamic Vinegar Spray8.5 OZ7003862899
Blue Cheese Crumbles4 OZ7003862774
Colossal Cashew Nuts8 OZ7003862880
Dark Chocolate Almonds10 OZ7003862875
Dark Chocolate Cashews10 OZ7003862876
Donut Shop Regular Blend Bag Coffee12 OZ7003863374
Feta Cheese Crumbles4 OZ7003862773
French Roast Bag Coffee10 OZ7003863376
Fudge Tracks Ice Cream48 OZ7003864500
Gourmet Blend Mixed Nuts8 OZ7003862879
Harvest Blend Trail Mix8 OZ7003863844
Hazelnut Bag Coffee12 OZ7003863377
Jamaican Me Crazy Bag Coffee12 OZ7003863378
Kona Blend Bag Coffee12 OZ7003863380
Low Fat Granola With Raisins18 OZ7003862772
Macadamia Nuts8 OZ7003862877
Muesli Cereal15.3 Z7003862770
Original Entertainer Crackers7 OZ7003863312
Original Water Crackers4.4 OZ7003863313
Parmesan Wedge Cheese5 OZ7003862818
Pitted Kalamata Olives6 OZ7003862848
Queen Almond Stuffed Olives4.5 OZ7003862845
Queen Garlic Stuffed Olives4.5 OZ7003862846
Queen Jalapeno Stuffed Olives4.5 OZ7003862847
Rocky Road Ice Cream48 OZ7003864485
Shaved Parmesan Tub5 OZ7003863322
Wheat Entertainer Crackers8 OZ7003863311